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Give your business a voice with voice applications from VIntel.

Voice assistants are here and they're becoming more integrated with our lives with each day that passes. They're not just for playing music or compiling shopping lists though - have you ever thought how they could be integrated in to your business?


Imagine how good it would be if you could actually talk to your business? What would you want it to say? What would you ask it?

That's where we come in.

We can link Google and Alexa to your in-house systems for better customer service and staff efficiency. Think of it as any sci-fi movie where the protagonist can talk to the ship, or the security system and it answers accurately with the information that wanted. Ok, we're maybe not there in terms getting Alexa to pilot a star destroyer through a worm whole, but in essence this is what can be achieved.

The voice assistants (Google Assistant, Amazon Alex, Apple's Siri, Samsung's Bixby, Microsoft's Cortana etc. etc.) themselves are merely new-world input devices, and as revolutionary as the mouse or the touch-screen. Currently, the vast majority of users' experience with voice assistants is information gathering by asking them questions, or getting them to perform actions that are native to the device or platform that created them. For instance, you might ask Google any question in the world, and the voice assistant will perform a search on the internet and tell you what the results are. Or you might ask Alexa to turn the lights on, or even boil the kettle. Now these two feats are actually pretty amazing - but imagine if Google didn't search the internet, it searched your business or projects system, and maybe Alexa does't mess with the lights, instead it checks your employee database to see whether the person at the door is allowed on site.

Now we're getting a little closer to the sci-fi idea.

But - don't worry. It's completely secure. Google's not stealing your data, and Amazon isn't using your information to market related employees at you or show you who other people hired. The voice assistant is the tool that translates the conversation to your own, private application. It's this authorized application that manages the data and performs the actions on your business systems.

This is what we do.

We specialize in building business apps that are controlled by a voice. We can literally link Google and Alexa to anything. So if you know that.... what would you get your app to do?

Voice assistants are not just a gimmick. They're here to stay - so get in touch to start your conversation today.

Give your business a voice with VIntel.

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