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How voice assistants can aid business recovery from Covid-19 through contactless applications

Covid-19 has had an immeasurable impact on businesses worldwide, with the future uncertain for many. As companies are in the midst of strategising their post-Covid plan, they need to be utilising innovative ideas and techniques to ensure the safety of their staff and to increase efficiency in their road to recovery.

Thankfully, rapidly developing voice technology is now at the perfect stage in maturity to assist with this.

Bespoke voice applications

At VIntel, we provide bespoke voice applications for your business to use with the leading voice assistants, such as Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa. We can essentially make them do whatever it is that you need them to within your business and beyond.

With voice search gaining significant popularity year on year simply due to the sheer number of voice-activated devices being bought - almost 150 million smart speaker devices in 2019 (Wiggers, 2020), utilising voice applications is the clear next step for companies seeking technological innovations to improve efficiency and to deal with the post-Covid-19 business landscape.

For instance, voice assistants can now play a vital role in easing the physical return to work and help in reducing the spread of the virus through the contamination of employee workstations. In fact, voice assistants and digital voice applications have a larger potential role than ever as they are deployed as contact-free by default.

"Voice applications can improve workplace hygiene and reduce human contact"

An example of voice applications improving workplace hygiene and reducing human contact could be in something as simple as the signing-in procedure for guests to your businesses offices. Imagine this: your office re-opens with social distancing measures, and you have a prestigious guest arrive. Usually, they follow the standard procedure of being met by the receptionist or member of staff, then physically signing in before waiting in reception or the foyer to be greeted by the recipient. In some offices, the guest would be presented with a pass which gives them access to certain parts of the building.

By employing a voice application, this guest can now auto sign-in to the building, and have their name automatically entered into the guest database. Then, when going to access certain floors or rooms, the guest can use the situated voice assistant to state their identity, which is then checked and referenced by your businesses’ voice application. Contamination is limited, employees are protected, and the whole guest journey is streamlined.

Contamination is limited, employees are protected

In labs where contamination is controlled, using your voice application to check instrument results or tests without having to touch workspaces would be an immediate improvement to your workflow.

These are just two examples of how voice applications can be utilised within your business at this time of unusual change. At this moment of great uncertainty, business change is needed. Business-powered voice applications will be the change that remains certain for years to come.

For more information about your business’ voice application, contact VIntel.

Wiggers, K., 2020.Strategy Analytics: Google And Amazon Ceded Smart Speaker Market Share To Chinese Rivals In 2019. [online] VentureBeat. Available at: <> [Accessed 31 May 2020].

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