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What will your first question be to your new business voice app?

Ok, so we all want to know top-level business figures like "How much did we make today?", but you can ask it anything - it will be a momentous occasion. You better start preparing your question now.


Voice Assistant Applications in Business

According to a report by Capgemini Research Institute released in September 2019, entitled Smart Talk, businesses are already seeing huge benefits in getting to grips with and utilizing voice assistants:

• 76% have realized quantifiable benefits from their voice and chat initiatives.

• 58% say that these benefits met or exceeded their expectations.

Benefits come from a variety of areas, from reducing customer service costs to increased NPS.

The report studied how organizations and consumers are embracing voice and chat assistants, and deduced that the market - though still very young - shows that there is incredible scope for growth.

"Voice is fast becoming the consumers' preferred way to interact"

This is just one measure of the increasing demand for businesses to explore the possibilities of voice.

The opportunity awaits.

With all new technology, online services or the next digital marketing must-have, there are always those companies that stream ahead and those that are skeptical of yet another thing to learn. a waste of time and money, and this is usually because it's unproven.

Remember those nay-sayers: "The Internet, that'll never catch on", or "Social Media - antisocial media more like"? Both of these platforms are now just part and partial of our daily lives as we become more tech-savvy as a species. However, it's only really now, after years of development, that we're beginning to see the true benefits of either medium. The same is going to happen with voice - fact. In business, you have to go where your customers are, and meeting their expectations is part of being successful. You might not be active on all social platforms, as you might know that your audience only exists on Facebook, or you might find that Instagram's the only way you can communicate with your audience - but your definitely on at least one of them, aren't you? - Because your customers expect it, and ultimately you're in business to make money.

The fact that voice is becoming the preferred way to interact digitally sets not only an expectation, but the expectation of being able to communicate with your business digitally, and get the information that they require.

Voice assistants and their access to the general internet allow for this to happen right now, for any business without really needing your input, as they're able to read from the information on your website and the data that you give to Google on your Google My Business pages and others. We are surrounded by information, and the Voice Assistants have access to all of it.... but there's a catch. This content is generic. It is publicly accessible, and the experience is not curated by you.

Your Business Voice Application is an extension of your business - It is essentially The Voice of your business!

Private Business Voice Applications are the key to unlocking your business data and meeting (and exceeding) the expectations of your customers. Even more benefits can be found when you meet the expectations of your staff as well.

The technology already exists, and the market is ready to be exploited. You have the opportunity to be first in your industry to really make a difference to the humans that interact with your company via a robot voice assistant.

And - we can help you with that.

We understand that the Voice Assistant is just the tool that's going to allow us to converse with your company. Your company lives and breaths within you. All we have to do is connect the dots.

Imagine you're a fashion brand - no-one's got a "good enough" search tool, and they're always so frustrating and time-consuming to use. Boom! You've got a voice controlled stock browser that natively shows your products on a Google Show. You might be a service company with lots of complicated contracts and different departments responsible for individual services or jobs. Bosh - all of a sudden you've got a voice controlled contracts and jobs system where users can get status reports, change the times of services or modify their contracts themselves. There are literally endless usage scenarios. and you can literally streamline any set of interactions between your customers or your staff.

So now you know all that..... what do you think you first question's going to be?

Have a conversation with us to get the ideas flowing - who knows what you'll come up with?

This is happening now, you have the chance to get yours in first.

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